Boat Handling

An area where our students often struggle or just lack confidence is manoeuvring in marinas. It is scary to be in charge of an expensive boat with many other expensive boats all around you. Add to that a narrow slip, a bit of wind and current and worst of all, an audience and the potential for embarrassment at best and disaster at worst grow enormously!!!

We offer relaxed training either on our boat or yours. We teach close quarters manoeuvring, mooring and departure techniques. We cover the use of ropes to aid arrival and departure as well as how to secure the boat once it is alongside both with a crew and short or single handed.

We look at emergency situations in the marina such as engine failure and man overboard.

It is all about improving your confidence to tackle boat handling in the marina.


Marina Manouver.jpg

We have all been entertained (sometimes appalled) by the antics of some of the skippers in the marina on a weekend evening. 

Lets remain the audience not the entertainer!!!!!!!!